自 己 紹 介 – Self-presentation ٩( ‘ω’ )و

はいよー!(そんなに)new face(じゃない)のフェルナンドです。初投稿なので、これからよろしくお願いします!
Hey there, I’m one of the (not so) new staff, Fernando! Since it’s my first post, I didn’t really have an idea of what to write after this so, I’ll leave it up to your imagination: [insert your own catchphrase here] 🙂
So, today’s post concept is: self-presentation /o/

me in a normal day of work

Since 2016 I’m a student at Hokkaido University’s Modern Japanese Studies Program (MJSP, for short), and since last December, I’m a staff at THE STAY SAPPORO〜
ブラジル人ですけども、故郷はSão Pauloもないし、Rio de Janeiroもないし、国の内陸部のこの辺りなんです。
I’m Brazilian, but since I’m not from São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro nor any of the famous cities in the country, I’d like to use Google Maps to show my hometown:
ブラジルがでかいですね… (omg, we even have an airport)

Talking about hobbies, I like to listen to music, bike around the city, read books, cook and take pictures (that’s about it, I guess?)
So, that’s enough of me for today. See you next time!
追伸:今週末の日曜日にTHE STAY SAPPOROは3周年を迎えますね? 感謝の気持ちと心を込めて、パーティーをしているので是非遊びに来てください!
p.s. This weekend we will have our 3-year anniversary party at THE STAY SAPPORO!! We’re organizing this party with much love and would love if you came to see us!
here’s a kind reminder to the party (Come, it’s going to be fun!)



THE STAY SAPPOROへのご予約はこちらから。