Winter days of Hokkaido / 北海道デイズ



Hi Guys, it’s finally winter here in Hokkaido! It’s my 3rd winter season here in Hokkaido and also my first winter since i moved to Sapporo City. I’m starting to get used to it.


Some of the most popular places to ski and Snowboard in Hokkaido are for example Niseko and Rusutsu. It has great powder snow there from January to March. It’s also my favorite, though it is a bit far from Sapporo.


Near Sapporo city there are also some places you can try skiing or just play in the snow such as Mt.Moiwa Ski course, Banke Ski area, etc. It’s not far from the City center.


It gets dark at around 16:00 here in winter, so time feels kinda fast. For those who are not used to snowy places, be careful when you walk because the ground is slippery and if the temperature rise up above zero, some of the snow will turn to ice which will make the road very very very slippery. Sometimes it gets so cold that I just want to hibernate at home like a polar bear.