5 Tips to Survive Social Distancing

Hi, Irvand here.

So due to the current pandemic situation, a lot of countries are advising people to stay at home and not go to any gatherings or go outside too long even travel unless truly necessary, or the popular term “Social Distancing”. Are any of you guys currently in self-quarantine or currently practicing “Social Distancing” at home?
What do you guys do at home if you can`t go out or advised not to go out? I am basically an introvert, so being alone isn`t lonely or boring much. here are some tips for surviving “Social Distancing”.

  1. Cook

For you who like to cook as a hobby like me, you can use this time to practice your skills in the kitchen. Because it is safer to cook at home than to eat outside during this time. Practice from cookbooks or cooking websites, or even just experiment with ingredients, it`s fun. Just be careful not to waste food if you failed, know your limits. ^^ Here is a few example of stuff i made as practice at home.

Beef Steak, it`s not easy to cook steak just right y`know.

Ayam Kecap / Sweet Black Bean Chicken, My childhood food that my mom used to make for me.

Rendang Ayam / Chicken Rendang, there several ways to cook this, dry or wet, takes about 3 hours to make, usually longer for dry.

Nasi Goreng, with scrambled eggs it is the perfect Indonesian Breakfast and Dinner. ^^

Genghis Khan, it`s actually easier to make if you stir fry it in a pan with vegetables.

Chicken Soup, This is my medicine if i catch a cold, sore throat, or just not feeling well. Always make me feel better.

You could also do your other hobbies, like yoga, shadow boxing, music, etc.
2. Study/Read
Do you like reading? it doesn`t have to be a book, an article, or just thing you like or maybe a language you want to learn. For example i studied Chinese Language a little in University, so i want to brush up on it a bit, i can read bout the grammars and learn some words from books or websites. it`s productive way to spend your days at home if you can`t go outside.
This is my favorite book when at home. it`s almost 70 years old but still interesting.

3. Video Games and Movies
Any Gamers out there? This must be like a vacation to you guys. I love video games as well, though trying not to get too crazy bout it. If there aren`t any interesting new games to play, i could always watch movies and YouTube videos.
(due to possible copyright issues i can`t post games or movies pictures)
4. Video Call/Chat
Miss being social? We have this technology called Video call which i am sure you all are familiar with. You can call or chat with friends and family who are in similar situation, maybe help each other out. it`s a good way of staying in touch with people during this hard time.
My Friend in Spain, What`s up!

5. Clean
Since you have a lot of time at home, Why not do some deep cleaning? it`s not only good for your health, it also makes you feel better knowing that the place you live is clean and (Hopefully) virus free. i am actually lazy at cleaning, but i`ve been doing it more lately.
So there you have it. 5 tips to survive this Social Distancing, Self Quarantine, Lockdown, or whatever you wanna call it. Hopefully you are the lucky ones who can work from home, unlike me. (TT) Let`s hope this pandemic passes through quickly so we can return to our normal lives without worrying about viruses.
Good Luck and Stay Safe!!!



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